Writings… Throughout my life I have written numerous white papers and documents. This is a sampling of some of the work I have authored or co-authored.


Web 2.0 Architectures 

by James Governor , Dion Hinchcliffe , Duane Nickull 2009

Professional Ebxml Foundations

by VariousDuane Nickull 2001

White Papers

STANFORD UNIVERSITYNational Geothermal Data System (NGDS): ASSESSMENT of Geothermal Community Data Needs

Abstract: To satisfy the critical need for geothermal data to advance geothermal energy as a viable renewable energy contender, the U.S. Department of Energy is investing in the development of the National Geothermal Data System (NGDS). This paper outlines efforts among geothermal data providers nationwide to supply cutting edge geo-informatics. NGDS geothermal data acquisition, delivery, and methodology are discussed. In particular, this paper addresses the various types of data required to effectively assess geothermal energy potential and why simple links to existing data are insufficient. To create a platform for ready access by all geothermal stakeholders, the NGDS includes a work plan that addresses data assets and resources of interest to users, a survey of data providers, data content models, and how data will be exchanged and promoted, as well as lessons learned within the geothermal community.

TECHNORACLE ADVANCED SYSTEMS Mobile Application Development Methodologies

Abstract: This white paper compares architectural and business model differences between multiple mobile application development strategies for enterprise mobile development. Enterprise architects, CTOs, and CIOs should understand these differences before choosing a long-term strategy for multi-screen mobile development. The focus of this paper is on installed mobile applications vs. in-browser mobile applications. While having your users rely on the browser is a valid option, it is out of scope for the purposes of this paper. The following is not intended to be a definitive or exclusive list of all criteria but rather a starting point to assemble thoughts on this topic.

ADOBE SYSTEMS Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
and Specialized Messaging Patterns

Abstract: The widespread emergence of the Internet in the mid 1990s as a platform for electronic data distribution and the advent of structured information have revolutionized our ability to deliver information to any corner of the world. While the introduction of Extensible Markup Language (XML)i as a structured format was a major enabling factor, the promise offered by SOAP based webservices triggered the discovery of architectural patterns that are now known as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION AND IMAGE MANAGEMENT (AIIM – International) Mackenzie-Nickull Architectural Patterns Meta Model

This is a meta model for documenting use cases as input for software architecture. The goal is to capture the business patterns then abstract out the patterns to be used as the basis for input requirements for software systems architecture.

Section 2 documents a subset usable for documenting use cases. It is designed to facilitate a quick capture of use cases from business stakeholders, then subsequent substance may be added by more technical stakeholders (architects, systems engineers etc).

INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY A Modelling Methodology to Harmonize Disparate Data Models

Abstract: In order to unerstand identification of individuals, it is important for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to understand the data models behind them. This paper discusses alternative ways of linking individuals to the instance data they are connected to. The logical application of this technology is the United States Department of Homeland Security although other applications are foreseeable.

University Lectures or Papers

I have lectured and taught at universities worldwide on subjects ranging from global technical architectures to computational intelligence and semantic research theories.

IOC/EEEI , 2013 Internet of Things workshop

Technical University of Vienna – Keynote at opening of I2C program ( )

IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing (CEC) (Luxembourg)

University of Lugano (presented in Zurich, CH), presentation of Mashups and SOA

Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences (German). A keynote on advanced computational Intelligence and ontology

University of Lausanne, Luxembourg – IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing

Freie Universitaet Berlin

Stanford University – Leading Trends in Information Technology

University of Karlsruhe, Germany, Service Oriented Computing Workshop (ISCSOS)

Mount Royal University, Calgary – an introduction to advanced AS3 programming

University of Vienna (5 lectures including 2 keynotes) – Sample:…/Maximilien+Tai08.pdf

Tampere University of Technology (Finland) –

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