No political campaign runs without money.  While our team is trying to keep costs low (and reduce our carbon footprints as green conservatives), we do require funding and help to put BC back on the right path.


Before clicking forward:

Per Elections BC rules, the Duane Nickull for MLA campaign cannot issue receipts for donations given until the election writ is dropped. However, you have two options.

1. Go to this page and use Paypal by clicking here)

2.  You can donate to the Vancouver – Point Grey constituency account, under Elections BC rules, you must send in a cheque  as follows:

You can forward a cheque to my attention at the Constituency Office. Please make your cheque payable to: “BC CONSERVATIVES – POINT GREY”

Stephen J. Cutler
Financial Agent
Point Grey Constituency Association.
#101-2370 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6K 1J2
Tel: (604) 738 7609
Cell: (604) 833 8569
Fax: (604) 738 9802

Make sure to earmark your donation for the campaign to elect Duane Nickull for MLA.

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