Global Warming is Real: Pineapples Growing in East Vancouver!

An absolute stunner came this week as we discovered two fully grown pineapples on the tree.  Pineapples are usually not produced except in strange circumstances when winter temperatures do not get colder than 6 degrees Celsius and we get spring temperatures of 20 degrees by March.   This year, this has happened and a tree in east Vancouver is actually producing Pineapples.  Note that two originally grew.  We tool one to the UBC agricultural center to test the genetics to ensure this is not due to a freak gene mutation.


Full video available on the Technoracle Blog at

2 responses to “Global Warming is Real: Pineapples Growing in East Vancouver!

  1. Hi Duane,

    Interesting posts — but must give you a reminder to check your spelling (don’t rely on Spellcheck) and grammar. Tripical fruit in this one — other spelling errors in others. I think it’s important to check because there will always be someone (like me!) who will notice these details.

    Have you got all the names you need for your nominating papers. If not, we can round up Betty’s family and possubkly some my friends who live in theriding.

    Live, laugh, learn, love. (given me by a friend from Holy Family Rehab

  2. The question is: what % of global warming is man made .. and what % is natural due to solar or other cycles ? 1% ? 5% 20% 98% ? Big debate with no proven answer. Yes man plays a role pumping stuff into the air. But so do volcanoes, ocean currents, underwater volcanoes and the sun, of course.

    We had global warming thousands of years ago before there was hardly any humans. How come ?

    I am all for cleaning up pollution and creating a clean environment – but man made global warming is really the new 21st century religion: believe it .. or not .. facts don’t matter !

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