BC Conservative Party Platform

We Believe In BC.  That’s our campaign going into this May election.  This is our vision for BC.  As we draw closer to the campaign, we will be releasing our platform and filling in the details of how we plan to accomplish this vision.

We believe in our people, and their willingness to be daring and innovative.
We believe in the intrinsic value of our natural resources, and encourage their development.
We believe in the value of our geographic position as the Gateway to the Pacific.
We believe in balanced budgets.
We believe in spending smarter.
We believe in fair taxation.
We believe in safe communities
We believe in healthcare
We believe in conserving the environment
We believe in agriculture
We believe in rural and Northern BC

Over the next few months as we move closer to the election this May, I am asking you all to spread this message, that the BC Conservatives have a positive progressive vision for the future of BC and that we are the free enterprise party with a social conscience.  Join us and together we can make a better future for all British Columbians.

One response to “BC Conservative Party Platform

  1. Good stuff in here !

    What does “fair taxation” mean specifically ? Why not lower income taxes but increase GST or PST ? Let me decide how to spend my income, and not have politicians tax 30-50% away after a certain $ amount ! it woudl be far “greener” to have a much higher consumption tax. So if I decide to possibly buy a new $40,000 car and have to pay a 20% tax it might cause me to drive the old car a while longer or do car-sharing. Let me decide that – not the government !

    Also: why does the conservative government not talk about excessive union rights, especially in the public sector with its frequently inflated wages ? Public sector wages have risen far faster than the private sector over the last decade or so – and if not even the conservative government tackles it, then who ? Under a possible (or even likely) NDP government the public sector will grow even further and unions will get even stronger – leading to far fewer investments and rising unemployment !

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