New Bike Lanes in Point Grey – Debate

Recently I have been hearing rumblings about yet more bike lanes being retrofitted into Vancouver’s West Side (Vancouver – Point Grey).   For context, I am a former UCI World Cup Mountain Bike Professional athlete.  I have represented Canada at the World Championships and believe I have probably cycled more kilometers than I drove a car for each of the last twenty years.  I used to commute from Coquitlam to Yaletown daily using the Adanac/Union Street bike route.  I LOVE cycling.

I am in favor of more bike lanes in Point Grey only with sound evidence.  To understand why, please read the rest of this article at the new blog URL of

One response to “New Bike Lanes in Point Grey – Debate

  1. Dude is this a silly money hustle? Here in the USA local counties get $$$ per mile of bike lane by the DOT so of course they put 50yds of lane in the most joke places – Google “usa bike lane to nowhere” and “usa shortest bike lane”.

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