LANGLEY, BC, FEB. 15, 2013 – During the decade between 2001 – when the BC Liberals first won election to government – and 2011, the province’s labour force grew by 18.1 per cent.

Over that same period, the number of temporary foreign workers entering British Columbia exploded by an incredible 137.0 per cent.

The BC Liberals’ much-advertised (with your tax-dollars) Jobs Plan clearly is working … for foreign workers. For British Columbians, well, that’s a different story.

The issue of temporary foreign workers raised public hackles a few months ago when HD Mining tried to import thousands of coal miners to work at their proposed coal mine in northeastern B.C. In the end, the company backed down, but B.C. still has 70,000 temporary foreign workers employed in the province.

In this issue of Campaign Briefing Notes, we look a little closer at the role of the BC Liberals in allowing temporary foreign workers to become a massive presence in the province’s labour force.


Kristy Fredericks
Director of Policy, Research & Communications
BC Conservative Party

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