Broadway Corridor Skytrain Extension

The facts:
Translink, the Provincial and Municipal governments and others are contemplating building a Skytrain extension to UBC from the Vancouver Community College station.
The projected costs will be around $3.2 billion for a ~12 km extension.  I am against additional government spending until the budget is balanced however Translink has their own budget and is turning a profit every year by collecting user fees from those who use the services.
Projections and benefits:
According to Translink, the Broadway – UBC corridor extension to the Skytrain will carry over 75,000 riders per day.  The Broadway corridor has North America’s busiest bus line according to the Vancouver Vision Party.   Currently the corridor takes over 100,000 riders per day via bus.
Keeping people moving in a green and efficient manner is a challenge with large benefits to our economy.  The status quo of clogged, congested traffic arteries is not going to work for the long term.
Get involved:
Mayor Gregor Robertson and Councillor Geoff Meggs are hosting an open house on Sunday March 10 from 2pm to 4pm at St James Community Hall to discuss this topic.  They will invite questions from the audience to begin a dialogue about how to get the Provincial and Federal governments on board with a Broadway Subway.
What: Public Forum on a Subway along Broadway
Where: St James Community Hall – 3214 W 10th Ave
When: Sunday March 10, 2pm-4pm

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